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"Recently I bought some of your Hot & Spicy popcorn, I’m 81 years old and I have never eaten any popcorn this good." Earl

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Gift Boxes From Gutwein Gourmet Popping Corn

Gifting food during the holidays and throughout the year can sometimes prove challenging. The old fashion fruit basket looks pretty with all the bright, vibrant colors, but there is a set shelf life on it. Nobody wants a race against the clock when it comes to a gift. Other selections such as chocolate have a longer lifetime, but you have to guess at what someone might or might not like. With so many different questions and concerns regarding what to give someone as a fun and enjoyable gift, why not go with something that just about everyone loves? Popcorn is truly an international food. It is served throughout the world at movie theaters and as snacks at restaurants and bars. Plus, with different flavor options, it is possible to take the level of enjoyment to the next level. That is why you need to look at gift boxes from Gutwein Gourmet Popping Corn.


Artisan Pop Corn

Popcorn is a fantastic snack at any time. It is light and doesn't weight you down while also proving to be light in calories so you don't have to worry about your diet. It is a snack everyone can enjoy and everyone can munch on to hold them over until their next meal or to give them that fun filled crunch that makes popcorn so fun to enjoy. It is also why it is the perfect gift to offer someone for the holidays and any other time during the year. It is delicious and can be enjoyed over time or all at once. 


Beyond being a fantastic snack, it comes in different flavors and seasonings. Whether someone has a sweet tooth or they like it more salty and savory, there is an option for them. Plus, for those times where you just aren't sure what kind of flavor they enjoy or what kind of crunch they want, there are sample packs that come with different options. This way, everyone is happy, no matter what. 


No Rush 

The beauty of the bulk popcorn purchases is there is no rush in eating it. It is not like fruit where you need to consume an entire basket within a few days before it goes bad. The bulk popcorn is delicious for a long time, and as long as it is kept inside of its beautiful container, it can be popped open and enjoyed whenever. Popcorn really is an excellent gift for clients, friends and really anyone else you just are not sure what to give. It also makes a fantastic offering throughout the year. After all, you don't need to contain your acts of kindness to just one time of the year. 

Whenever it comes to the holidays or simply offering a delicious gift everyone is sure to love, there is often nothing better than the taste of popcorn.

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